Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Roderick Davie, R.I.P.

Roderick Davie.  
Born October 6, 1971.  
Murdered August 10, 2010 at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, Lucasville, Ohio.  
By court order.
The Trumbull County prosecutor urged it.  Twelve jurors recommended it.  Eight judges said the jury was right.  A larger group of judges said that there was nothing technically wrong with the trial that they cared enough to correct.  Some said it more than once. The Parole Board said he should be killed.  The Governor said he should be killed.  Employees of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and Elimination, carefully and deliberately murdered him.
With the utmost respect and dignity.
He committed the crime of aggravated murder.  It was a terrible crime.  He did it for personal reasons.  It cannot be undon.
So did they all, commit the crime of aggravated murder.
All of them.
Because we collectively urged them to.
So I guess we did it, too.
It cannot be undone.
You see, in Ohio, the crime includes, as a matter of law, complicity to commit the crime.  And they were all complicit.
In our names.
With our collective approval.
Feel better now?
Roderick Davie


  1. I knew Rod. We weren't the best of friends but we were on the wrestling team in high school together. But I also know the Colemans. I grew up with them on Homewwod in Warren. Chauncey,Marshetta,Tarika. Benny and Randy used to go to the store for my grandma and cut her grass when I was growing up. So you see it's a no win situation. Yes Rod did a HORRIBLE crime. But I don't know if killing him will do anything for the victims in the long run. Personally I believe that it is up to God to judge and punish. But hey,nowadays He's even less popular than Obama.

  2. It's great that we don't have to see him anymore. It does do something, it lessens the survivors burden.

  3. He was a monster....shouldn't have given him the easy way out....should have let him rot in jail like an animal....

  4. Scum of the earth. The world is a much better place without him.

  5. Just watched I Survived about John, the one who survived. Whoever this idiot is who claims this scumbag was murdered by the state should go jump off a bridge. I'm glad they piece this piece of filth to death as he didn't deserve to breath. It's a shame the cops weren't able to snuff him that day. Why anyone would defend this piece of garbage makes no sense. I hope whoever you are, you read this and it pisses you off. Your piece of garbage is dead..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. Ok, so this roderick guy comes to his old workplace, shoots two guys, killing one and then beats the secretary to death with a metal chair. And when the survivor tries to run away, he gets into a truck and tries to run him over. When he crashes the truck he gets out and starts beating the survivor with a stick, only to be saved when the police arrive. You're totally right, this fine gentleman deserves to live a full life, with three meals a day and free healthcare, all at the taxpayers expense. Ok moron, of whom this article was written, I guess if we were to have captured hitler or bin laden we shouldn't execute them either cause that would be murder on our part.