Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places - Updated

The, er, eyes of the blawgosphere have been on Texas Guv Rick Perry and his apparent willingness to ignore and refuse to allow investigation of innocence when it might interfere with an execution.  But while we've been looking to Austin, it turns out the action's been in Washington.
The Supreme Court granted a stay while it decides whether to hear his argument that he's entitled to pursue a civil rights action to get the DNA tested.
This is good news, of course, but it doesn't actually get any testing done.  And it might not.
The fight still has to go on.  And while the odds just ticked up a couple of notches, Skinner's still got a long way to do.


The order granting a stay is here.

And the docket from the Supreme Court is here.


  1. Instead of seccession, Texas and Oklahoma should be given back to Mexico, since the Perry Administration and law enforcement don't give a s--- about our American civil rights!

  2. "Texas and Oklahoma should be given back to Mexico"

    Speaking as a Texan, I'd be willing to make that deal, but only if Oklahoma doesn't come with us.

    It's a known geological fact - taught to every Texas student in our State Board of Education-approved science classes - that the only reason Texas doesn't float off into the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps to become some island state like Cuba, is that Oklahoma sucks. You can look it up. :)