Friday, March 26, 2010

An Overdue Welcome

My hair, what's left of it, is white.  So is my mustache.  I wear bifocals with a line and have another pair of glasses just for computer distance.  The next pair will be trifocals.  I use hearing aids.  Law is my second career, but it was more than 25 years ago that I went to law school.  In real terms, I'm one of the old guys.
But in the blawgosphere, I still feel like a kid.  (Actually, I feel like a kid in a lot of contexts, but that may just be a function of encroaching senility.)  I look at the guys like Greenfield and Bennett and Tannebaum, Pattis and Gideon and Cernovich, and on and on (and really, I don't mean to slight anyone; I read regularly every one of the blogs in my list of links - and others, too - and gain stuff of value from each, but to list them all again here would be to labor a point), and I think I'm just a newbie.  Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how to make my paragraphs separate the same length in every post.  (I'm open to advice on that, by the way.)
Still, I've been at this for just over ten months now, and I've found a mostly warm and supportive family here.  I've been welcomed, which I appreciate more than I can say.  What I haven't done is sufficient welcoming myself.
I've been reading Jamison Koehler's blog for a couple of months now.  I've got it in my blog links, though I'm not happy that the main link is to his web page rather than his blog (try as I might, I can't link directly to the blog, the technology problem again).  I've become a serious fan of the Public Defender Revolution.  And though I haven't yet posted a link to it, Liberty and Justice for Y'all is terrific.  So folks, "Welcome."  And if I've got an audience that isn't already reading these blawgs, start.  You're in for a treat.


  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is appreciative of the welcome, insightful posts, related links, and recommended reading you have offered.

    As for tech, and this is just what has worked for me so I can suggest.
    The Koehler Blog link ;
    go into edit,
    replace the current url with the correct one,
    click on save, then also click on the orange save button.

    As for the spacing...have had the same problem a time or two. If you are not comfortable with trying to edit it in html mode, you can try publishing it and then going back in, edit the space out, and republish.

  2. Thanks for the welcome.