Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thanks

Between the chaos of work and the chaos of living, I've missed a week or more of writing here.  
For any of you who noticed and wished I'd have been writing, my apologies, and my thanks for caring. 
For any of you who noticed and thought, "Thank God Gamso's shut up for a few days," thanks for noticing, but I'll be back.
For any of you who've just stumbled onto this page, thanks for stopping by, there'll be more soon.
For friends, for the family and strangers for whom we're hosting dinner, Thank you.
For the many more friends and family I won't be seeing today, Thank you, too.
For the clients who repose their trust in me, for the judges with integrity, for the honest prosecutors, for the criminal defense lawyers who give a shit and work their asses off for the clients, for all those who toil in the trenches as lawyers and activists, Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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