Monday, September 5, 2011

Fiddling with the Blogroll

It's that time again.  I should probably consider deleting a couple of blogs from the list, but it seems wiser to add.  Because you never know.
At one time, and for reasons I can't begin to remember (it might even have been an accident), I removed Matt Kaiser's blog from the list.  But in the last couple of months he's been doing absolutely terrific stuff reporting on wins in the federal courts of appeals.  He's back on the list as of this morning with the Federal Criminal Appeals Blog.
Then there are the blogs that should have been on here for some time.  Walter Reaves, who writes the Waco Criminal Law Blog from the city of the same name inTexas, is always interesting - never more than when he talks about science and bogus science and forensic evidence.  Nathaniel Burney, a criminal defense lawyer in New York, writes The Criminal Lawyer.  
I've also made Eric Meyer happy (though he may not notice), by acknowledging his change of name.  No longer a Military Underdog, his blog now calls itself the Unwashed Advocate.  And so it now appears on the list.
For reasons that may have something to do with blogger, may reflect my own incompetence, or may properly be blamed on sunspots or Dick Cheney or an impractical-joking deity, I still can't get the feed from Norm Pattis's blog to work, so there's a link to the blog but no indication of what he's written lately.  And although I just added Burney's blog to the list, the reference to what's supposed to be his latest post is in fact to one from a few weeks ago.  He's written a bunch since then.  The link to their blogs will take you to the top even if there's no proper rcognition of their work.
And for my last bit of incompetence, I still can't get the Jamison Koehler link to link to his blog rather than his website, though the link to the latest entry does go there.  That really pisses me off, but I'm stumped.


  1. It is an honor to remain on your blogroll.

    I have had similar experiences with both Norm Pattis and Matt Kaiser. I have had problems with the RSS feed on Pattis' blog. And the issue with Kaiser is that he simply stopped blogging for an extended period of time. But I agree: He is back and stronger than ever.

  2. You make me happy all the time, but not because of your blogroll. My RSS reader keeps me shielded from it. Though, I do appreciate the inclusion.

    Frankly, I'm just peachy with the thought that you check my site occasionally. Though, you might be on a few watch lists as a result--what, with my going off the deep end with my change to Unwashed Advocate.

  3. What? You think I'm not already targeted?

  4. Of course, that puts you in company you may not want.

  5. This post was a great resource for finding quality blogs. I am not talking about the fake ones many lawyers pay people to write for their site, rather the blogs that people write because they want to share information and ideas. Thanks

  6. Glad to help. My goal with the blog list is to include only blogs that I regularly read and that I think are often enough interesting that other people might want to read them, too.

  7. Neither required nor expected. But appreciated.