Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hearty thanks to TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime for pointing me to this big news from the L.A.Times.
Kendall Craig Farris, who heads the Over the Wall Foundation in Marina del Rey, is arrested after an undercover Redondo Beach officer is sold fake methamphetamine and ecstasy tablets.
Naturally, the Over the Wall Foundation, of which Farris is co-founder and CEO, is a drug abuse prevention program.

Of course, Farris wasn't actually aiding drug abuse since they were counterfeit drugs he was selling. And he is according to the Foundation's website, a recovering alcoholic and addict. His life's mission, he says,
is to help youth, schools, and families prevent drug and alcohol abuse before it starts, and intervene in any drug abuse which may already have begun.
Farris is the author of "Drugs, Kids and Crime: Surviving Our Drug Obsessed Culture."

OK, we know how hard recovery is, and how recovering addicts backslide. But that's not what he did - at least, it's not what the LA Times reports. Other news reports suggest that he may have been having money trouble and that the Foundation itself was in trouble.

The good news is that mitigation talk to the judge will likely be easy.

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