Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Two weeks ago, on June 30, the Supreme Court of Ohio (using their proper name to generate all the dignity I can for an act that by a private party might be called complicity to commit aggravated murder) affirmed James Trimble's conviction and death sentence. As it does whenever it affirms a death sentence on direct appeal, the court also set a new execution date. In this case, September 29.

On Friday, July 10, the Ohio Public Defender filed a motion for a stay of the execution so that Trimble could pursue other legal remedies. It's a form motion which is always granted.

This kabuki dance (a phrase I may never have used before today, and have typed twice now this morning in blog entries) is routine and annoying, though generally substance free.

Why write about it then? Because at 9 a.m. this morning, the court granted the motion in a brief order. At 10 a.m., in adherence to a different order from the court. John Fautenberry will be murdered by the State of Ohio.

Does it get much starker than that?

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