Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Death for Christmas

The question I posed on Sunday was whether honesty and integrity would prevail over the rush to kill. The context was the effort by the Ohio Attorney General to get the stay of Ken Biros's excution lifted.

I'm not going to run through it all again. You know the background and story by now, and if you don't, you can follow the threads through the posts under the labels Lethal Injection and Kenneth Biros and Romell Broom. In any event, the next chapter's been written.

Here's the Cliff Note version: Kill! Kill! Kill!

The haste is unseemly. The evidence really does seem to indicate that the State is more interested in finding a way to do it than in finding a way to do it right. For some reason, they're fixated on getting Biros dead before Christmas. It's been clear for a couple of months that's what Governor Ted wants. It's surely what Richard Cordray, the Attorney General wants. And it's now what a panel of the 6th Circuit wants. They told us so here.

There have been 48 executions in this country so far during 2009. Texas of course, leads the way. Alabama, with 6, is second. Ohio has 4 so far. And we have 7 scheduled - one a month, through June. Expect more after that.

Someone's enthusiastic about this. By itself, that seems enough reason to call a halt.

I don't know what will happen to Biros or any of the others. I do know it doesn't look good.

And still I keep asking: What's the rush?

We have seven executions scheduled in the next seven months.

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  1. Why do so many Amercians feel such a need to gleefully kill others?

    I read all these different stories and it makes me feel physically sick how so many will do whatever it takes to make sure someone is executed. Why? What does it achieve really? Who does it punish really? The offender? He is dead, so must be his family and friends. Why they deserve this punishment is beyond my comprehension.

    Americans love their violence, which in turn breeds more violence and so the horrific cycle continues. Killing Biros or any other doesnt make your country any safer at all. Over two thirds of the worlds countries have abolished this barbaric practice. Even Japan and Russia are rethinking it. You still have a few countries that think the way you do.. Iran China, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, just to name a few. Wake up to yourselves and look closely at what you are allowing your governments to do in your name and what that teaches your children who will be even more violent than you. God help your grandchildren.

    By the way Gamso, I am one of your regular readers and thank you for your blog (or blawg)