Friday, December 4, 2009

Maricopa Burning

Where the hell do you begin?

Two more court buildings in Maricopa County were evacuated Thursday.

One was because of yet another bomb threat, perhaps called in by the same person who called in the bomb threats that emptied court buildings Wednesday and who may be the person who called in bomb threats on Monday that were pretty basically ignored. No bomb's have actually been found so far.

The other building had to be emptied after a release of pepper gas. It might have been an accident. Or not.

Sheriff Joe's people are working hard to find the person or persons responsible for the bomb threats.

Meanwhile, the question on everyone's mind (OK, the minds of at least three or four of us) is "Where's Adam?" We know that he allegedly tried to turn himself in to his buddies Tuesday evening but they refused to book him into the jail due to some sort of clerical error. So he stayed there as a volunteer. His lawyer, deputy prosecutor Liddy, promised to get the error fixed in the morning. That would be Wednesday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, people (by which I mean Nick Martin at Heat City) were starting to wonder whether Stoddard was actually in custody anywhere. The Sheriff's website provides no indication that he's ever been booked.

Ray Stern at New Times reports that he was finally booked Thursday morning after what Liddy describes as two nights in the jail as a volunteer. (Right now, Thursday night, there's still no indication in the on-line booking information that Stoddard has in fact been booked.) But while Liddy confirms that Stoddard's been booked and is in some form of custody, he won't confirm that Stoddard is actually in a cell. Liddy does assure us that Stoddard, unlike all Sheriff Joe's other guests, is not being forced to wear pink undies and use pink towels.

Anyway, Nick says the Sheriff's office released this picture which it claims is Stoddard's booking photo. Still doesn't show up on the Sheriff's website, though.

Meanwhile, the Maricopa County Association of Detention Officers plans daily candlelight vigils outside the courthouse in support of Stoddard until he is released. They "will not stand down." By gum.

And Stern tells us that Liddy said that Judge Donahoe said (you start to see how reliable this is likely to be) that Stoddard will be held in custody until after Christmas.

OK, a quick review.

Stoddard is or is not in custody. Regardless, he's not suffering the indignities of being in Maricopa custody. Then again, he's a political prisoner being held captive by his boss and chief supporter.

Stoddard is in jail (or someplace) and is being represented by Deputy County Attorney (that's a prosecutor, folks) who happens to be the son of famed Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy.

Court business is constantly disrupted by sick-outs, protests, and bomb scares. And someone can't (or won't) control his pepper spray.

I'm waiting to see the tanks rolling down main street.

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