Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maricopa - with Video - UPDATED

There were, reports suggest, anywhere from 10 to 20,000 people marching and rallying in Phoenix today. The core message was complaint about Sheriff Joe's approach to immigration (roughly, arrest on sight - and make it your business to see - all folk who look like they could maybe be Hispanic).

Reports from the Arizona Republic indicate that all was mostly peaceful, though there was some trouble from a small group of outside anarchists. And, of course, the Republic (in its video) gives us Joe blaming the marchers for causing all sorts of trouble.

The Stephan Lemons, the Feathered Bastard offers considerably more nuance. He reports
that a female officer on horseback walked her horse into the crowd at one point; that the horse became agitated; that the female officer sprayed pepper spray into the crowd; and that scores of people, including women and children were overtaken by the fumes.

It is, I suppose, no surprise that the Republic and the Feathered Bastard post different video.

Here's the Republic:

And here's the Bastard:

You be the judge.


Courtesy of the Feathered Bastard, more video.

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