Monday, May 10, 2010

Gifts That Keep On Giving

There's Maricopa County, of course, and frankly the whole state of Ariz (show-me-your-papers) ona.  But Andy hasn't made much fuss since the dead Rhino ad, and Joe chickened out of the run for Governor.
Sharon Keller's been lying low since she was fined $100,000 last week (though if they do prosecute her criminally for ethics violations that will be a circus worth attending) and while we wait for the State Commission on Judicial Conduct to decide what to do about the disciplinary charges against her (no links, it's everywhere, do your own homework).
John Bradley continues to do his best to ensure that the Texas Forensic Science Commission won't actually do a thing until at least 2011, and then will do it in secret and whitewash the whole Willingham fiasco.  Hell, I didn't even write about the last Commission meeting.
Fortunately, there's still Shirley Strickland Saffold and her not-so-secret identity as "lawmiss."
Saffold, of course, is the judge in Cuyahoga County who comments on stories on the Cleveland Plain Dealer web site - including on stories about the cases and before her.   (Oops, my bad.  It's probably not her.  I don't want to be sued for $50 million for a mistake like that.)
Turns out that, like all serial commentators, lawmiss doesn't have just one place at which she mouths off.  Per yesterday's Plain Dealer:
Now, a search of Web sites visited by Saffold's courthouse computer has turned up lawmiss usernames on at least 10 other Internet domains. Lawmiss comments on sites other than attack Arabs, disparage Asians and vilify white men. They sneer at inter-racial relations, condemn homosexuals and rail against police.
The PD doesn't exactly say that Saffold is lawmiss, but they sure make clear that it's likely.  And they give us plenty of examples of just what - too much fun.  I'll reprint the offensive stuff from the paper.
Lawmiss called Asians "flat face morons" when remarking on a story about the Chinese volleyball team.

And a story about a racist remark against the president prompted lawmiss to rail against whites: "how can white men be christan's, it's impossible. Their nature is to be nasty, convining, and decietful. They lie, they cheat, and they steal. And, they do it in a suit."

Lawmiss on AOL also insults people based on religion.

After France proposed banning burqas, lawmiss wrote "yeah, they ought to ban them, and if the muslims don't like it, then go home. you can't see their faces, you can't tell if they're men or women and they're criminals. if they want to wear that crap, then they ought to stay in saudi arabia, where it's acceptable and they have no intention of blowing anyone up."

An article about Ellen DeGeneres prompted Lawmiss to attack gays.

"She's s dyke, and that's all she's competent at. She's no dancer. Nest think you'll know the gays will take over."

Lawmiss attacks law enforcement, too.

A story about a police shooting in New Orleans induced lawmiss to comment
"Add this incident as another reason that Black people can NOT trust the police," lawmiss states. "What pigs---and what made them think they could get away. I suppose they considered that they could put on white hoods and ride in the middle of the night and scare the be-jesus out of people, so no one would tell." 
The story appeared yesterday.  Perhaps as a Mother's Day present, her daughter will take responsibility for all these comments, too.
And perhaps we ought to reconsider how people get to be judges in the great state of Ohio.

h/t Terry G

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