Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Year and Counting

Happy blawgiversary to me!
I began what I then called an "experiment in cyberspace" on May 18, 2009.  In that first post and in a couple of others that followed shortly thereafter I told a bit about myself and laid out something of a plan of things about which I figured I'd write.
It was an ambitious agenda.  I've done some of it in depth, some of it in a glancing sort of way, and some of it pretty much not at all.  The blog/blawg takes on a life of its own.
I began as I returned to private practice after close to 5 years as Legal Director of the ACLU of Ohio.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that I hoped the blog would generate business.  I'd be close to lying if I said that hope was satisfied.  I'm aware of one case that came my way from the blog.  I know of a couple of others that prospective clients reviewed while trying to decide who to call.  (For all I know, lots of prospective clients read the thing and promptly scratch me off the list of potential counsel.)  The blog costs me exactly nothing in cash, and given the teeny financial return, that's for the best.
The other reason I began writing this is that I missed the ACLU soapbox.  I'm prone to opinions.  I like to express them.  And I like to write.  This seems to be a natural.
Through yesterday, day 365 of the experiment, I'd put up 374 posts (this one is 375).  That's a bit more than one a day.  374 little essays.  Some that are more like research papers.
I've had crime victims read this and law enforcement victims.  I've been read by cops and prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers and just plain folks.  I've been threatened by Wayne Conley and spammed by some guy in the Phillipines.
I've made some good friends, although I've never met any of them.  I've learned that there's a community of us out there.  It's sometimes raucous, often cantankerous, remarkably supportive, damn smart, and something of an honor to be accepted into.  I learn at least as much as I teach (do I teach at all?)
I've been having a blast.
Hope you have too.
I'd be honored if you'd stick around for year 2.


  1. Congratulations. And here's to many more. It seems like you have been around a lot longer than one year.

  2. This is one of my favourite blogs as well as one of my death row penpal's favourites. Keep up the good work and keep on telling it like it is!

  3. I read this blog on a regular (almost daily) basis and I regard it as a valuable source of information.

    Your coverage of and your insight into local issues pertaining to the death penalty and more generally to Justice in the U.S. are definitely helpful to a foreigner like me. Many happy returns to your blog!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm with the others who say "This is one of my favorite blogs."

    And you do teach. I myself have relied on your blog and a few others as a tool to help make me a better lawyer. You inspire; at times I commiserate; always I learn.

    Thank you.

    Here's to the next year!

  5. Jeff,
    I've been a "lurker" throughout the year.
    I must say that when you reflect on some of the things I'm familiar with, you're right on point. From this I take your word that you know what you're talking about when I don't have a clue. Thanks for the posts and "yes" I'll be with you for another year.

    Ed Hoover

  6. Jeff,

    Happy B-day! You and I started our blogs around the same time, and I can still only aspire to half of your blawg's consistency and substance. Yours is one of only a handful I read without fail every day / post.

  7. Well, yeah. You do teach, and I learn a lot -- particularly when I disagree with you.

  8. Jeffrey,

    Thanks for covering the Ohio stuff.

  9. To all of you, thanks for the kind words.