Monday, June 21, 2010


Those other blogs listed in my links aren't just filling space or chosen at random.  I read what's on them with interest and think that those of you who find what I write worth your time might also find some value in what those bloggers offer.  
So when I saw a little bit ago that Jamison Koehler posted "Test 3," I did what I do and urge on you.  I clicked on the link.
Now, Jamison's father is a serious poet, G. Stanley Koehler.  Jamison himself is a serious writer from whom I occasionally see a lyrical phrase.  But Jamison (and I should probably clarify here that I've never met or spoken with him - our only interaction has been through the blogosphere and some very slight e-mail contact) doesn't usually strike me as the type for zen mysteries.  And yet, 
If you follow the link to his blog post "Test 3," at least if you do it right now, you come upon a most intriguing thing.  It could lead me, were I willing to go there, which I'm not, to reenter the monologue on the known and unknown I pursued earlier today.
For here's what you'll find, in large type.  Boldface.

You have reached a page that does not exist. 

Not just searched for a non-existent place.  Arrived at one.

By purest coincidence, I've been rereading Lost Horizon this week.


  1. Love it...
    and I arrived at the same page.

  2. I swear, that Jamison is sooo deep...

  3. LOL. Okay, Jeff, you caught me. Sorry to mess up the link (and it IS an honor to be on your blogroll). Promise never to do it again. I will be on vacation in a couple of weeks and have been trying to figure out the delayed posting thingie. I think I worked it out. Although, considering that you were talking about "Test 3" and not "Test 1" or "Test 2," you can imagine it took me a couple of tries.

  4. I preferred to think of the decision to call it "Test 3" as yet another part of the mystery.

  5. If a tree falls in a forest. . .