Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If I Only Had a Vote

Voting begins today on the proposed amendments to the Texas disciplinary rules.  For the reasons explained in detail by Mark Bennett and Paul Kennedy and others, they should be roundly defeated.
As a Texas attorney, I'd like to vote against them. 
But because I don't live or practice in Texas, I keep my license inactive (a privilege for which I grudgingly pay the state bar, by the way). Inactive or not, I am subject at least in part to the strictures of the Texas disciplinary rules.  Nevertheless. as an inactive member, I am prohibited by statute (Texas Government Code § 81.053) from voting in the referendum.
So, if you're an eligible-to-vote member of the Texas Bar, and if you can't decide whether to vote or not or how to vote - vote on my behalf.  And vote No.
It'll serve our clients and serve us, too.

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