Monday, February 14, 2011

3976 - and Counting

I interrupt my regular blogging to just plain marvel at an extraordinary achievement.  Snark free.
Simple Justice just celebrated its fourth birthday.  Over four years, Scott Greenfield has put up 3,976 posts.  That's an average of 2.72 a day.  (I did the math.)  
They're not snippets, not headlines ripped from somewhere else, not scraped from other blawggers, not reproductions or summaries of statutes or rules, not notes to call him if you need a lawyer.  They're an ongoing, substantive explanation and education and (with the aid of an army of reader-commenters, but it would pretty much do it all by itself) conversation on law and lawyering and integrity.  He's called out the social-media-scam-artists, the faux lawyers, the let's-kick-the-shit-out-of-some-innocent-kid-just-for-grins cops, the corrupt and the incompetent.  And he's praised and explained and respected and honored and . . . .
Look, anybody can keep a blog going for years.  Hell, if you don't take it down, you can put up one post and it will sit there for years and have unremarked anniversaries.  That's the way of the internet.
I've been writing this blog for almost 21 months now which in blawgger years makes me, I figure, something of an early-middle-aged guy rather than my real-world quickly-approaching-social-security age.  I've written what seems to me a whole lot, but I'm a piker compared to Scott.  I can barely comprehend it.  
It's not just the time.  I know he types faster than I do, and I know these posts don't really take all that long to bang our.  It's the commitment and the quality.
He is one of the beacons in this world of serious criminal law bloggers.  
Four years.  Wow!
So Happy Anniversary! or Happy Birthday! or Happy Blawggiversary! or whatever the right phrase is.  
You've earned a day off.
Please, don't take it.


  1. I very much appreciate your post, Jeff. And yes, I am now 103 years old in blawger years. I need a nap.

  2. As is traditional on Scott's blog, I was snarky in the comments to his fourth anniversary post, but he truly is an impressive blogger. I've been around about twice as long as he has, but I've only got half as many posts, which makes him four times as productive as I am. (I did the math too.) And he's the real thing. He's not just blogging for attention or "eyeball share" or whatever the latest fad is. Scott's got something to say. I'm always happy to find something new of his to read in the morning.