Wednesday, June 8, 2011

L'Chayim (To Life) - UPDATED

Hot damn.
Shawn Hawkins, who might be factually innocent, just got his death sentence commuted to life without the possibility of parole.  As I discussed here, the Parole Board urged it, unanimously.
The Board is not confident in the death sentence in this case, but is also not convinced that Shawn Hawkins is innocent. Given all of the above, the Board believes the exercise of executive clemency is warranted.
And now Governor Kasich has granted it.
Death in Prison.
But life.


The details are coming in.  When I find a link to the Governor's press release (surely there will be one), I'll either update again or put up a new post.  But Alan Johnson lays it all out in the Dispatch.
Hawkins' attorney Anthony G. Covatta issued a statement thanking Kasich for his "merciful decision."
"Our thanks go out to the thousands of citizens and interested persons, from holders of high public office to the ordinary people on the streets and in the churches, temples and synagogues of our great state and around the world who supported us in this application. More remains to be done to see that Shawn is someday a free man. The struggle continues. The dream will never die."
More telling even than Covatta's words, are the words of Hawkins' mother before the Parole Board.
I conceived him, carried him, birthed him, raised him. I don't want to bury him.
And then there's Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor.  Stunningly, he announced that he will not go to the prison and murder Hawkins himself in order to carry out the sentence that the Governor vacated.
Johnson reports.
Deters said he would abide by the governor's decision.

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