Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Proud To Be an American

Last night were the fireworks.
Bombs bursting in air and all that.
They disguise a certain gritty reality.
In celebration of Flag Day last month, the Supreme Court of Ohio announced that Mark Wiles and Abdul Awkal should be murdered next year on April 18 and June 6.  The court took yesterday off, so its formal celebration of Independence Day was delayed until today.
  • Jeff Eley is to be murdered July 26
  • Donald Palmer is to be murdered September 20.
Once again, Happy Holidays.
For reasons of its own, the court has, so far at least, kept May and August free of government murder.
Theirs won't be glorious killings.  Nobody's likely to write an anthem about them - or any of the others.
Right now, as I type this, there are 11 men in Ohio who have been scheduled for murder.
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Brett Hartman
  • Billy Slagle
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Reginald Brooks
  • Charles Lorraine
  • Michael Webb
  • Mark Wiles
  • Abdul Awkal
  • Jeff Eley
  • Donald Palmer
At the moment, it appears we only have the means to kill Smith.  After that, we'll need to find a new drug.
Or a new idea.

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