Friday, September 2, 2011

Planning Ahead in the Buckeye State

I could, I suppose, make this an update to the post I put up a little while ago about the Parole Board's recommendation against clemency for Bill Slagle.
Good news, however temporary and however little it may mean in the long run, remains good news. And its rare enough that it deserves its own place.
Besides, it's not really more than incidentally and coincidentally related to what the Board did.
Kasich called off the killing.
Not permanently.
Not for reason having anything to do with Billy Slagle.
But another month without a killing is something to celebrate.
Billy Slagle's still got a date.  August 7, 2013.
Yes, that's right, 2013.  Just under 2 years from now.
Because we know how to make a to do list in Ohio.
You can look at it as two more years of torture.  Or two more years of life.  Maybe both.
Slagle Reprieve

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