Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Warm, Albeit Belated, Welcome

Were there any doubt, this would have resolved it.
Defendant appeals from a judgment of the Supreme Court of Kangaroo County (Budweiser, J.) convicting him after a jury trial of the felony of failure to report a suspicious package on the subway.
. . .
Equally silly is defendant’s argument that the mere fact that the package contained only gnawed chicken bones and greasy napkins was sufficient to render it a non-suspicious package. The clear legislative intent was to criminalize the failure to report packages that appear suspicious, not packages that actually are suspicious, which would require looking inside them, creating the very danger to public safety that the statute is intended to protect against which.
That's from a post last December by the pseudonymous Appellatesquawk who claims to be a lawyer representing indigent criminal defendants in New York, which I take it means he's a public defender. As a PD, of course, he doesn't have to market himself.  He also doesn't market his blog which, although it hasn't been quiet, has certainly been secret.
Now, though, it's been discovered.  From Greenfield to Bennett to me.
The man (?) can write.  Prose fueled by righteous anger and more than a dash of wit.  More importantly, he speaks the truth.
Appellatesquawk added now, to the blogroll.

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  1. A belated but warm thanks!

    A. Squawk