Friday, May 18, 2012

Believe It . . . Or Don't

Three years now, I've been doing this.
896 posts.
God only knows how many half written and abandoned posts.
And so little changes.
Carlos DeLuna was executed in Texas in 1989.  He said he was innocent.  It was Carlos Hernandez  who did it. A team from Columbia University has now proved that to be true.  Unless you don't believe it.  Because proof, as I've said more than once, is what's found convincing to whoever. 
Cameron Todd Willingham was innocent, too. Except to those folks who don't believe it.
There are, of course, lots of others.
This morning, the Ohio Parole Board said that Abdul Awkal should be killed on June 6. Eight of them found the proof that he's a monster sufficiently convincing.
One of them, Ellen Venters, wasn't convinced.
Venters reviewed the same evidence, heard the witnesses speak, was present for the same arguments. 
It's that thing about proof. And believing.  
Of course, there's also that deep desire to kill.
What Awkal did is inexcusable.  That's the easy part.
But it's not all.
Except for 8 of them, the rest didn't prove anything.
For one it did.
Governor Kasich?

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  1. To these eight members, who exactly is clemency for?