Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Aurora - A Victim's Voice

Pierce O'Farrill (that's him in the picture) is a survivor.  James Holmes, or whoever it was, shot him three times with three different guns.  Not shot at him, shot him.  Foot, leg, arm.  A few pellets in the chest, too.  Monday he underwent surgery.  A few hours later, apparently from his hospital bed, he gave a lengthy interview to Todd Schnitt who I've never heard of before but who has a nationally syndicated radio show.

I don't think I could give an interview so soon after surgery.  My guess is that you couldn't either.  And if we could do it, we wouldn't be coherent enough to do it well.

Pierce did it great. You can (and should) listen to it at Schnitt's site where it's available with a click of the mouse.  But you don't need to go there for the highlights.  Here they are.
  • I forgive him.
  • I don't think he should get the death penalty.
  • I support the Second Amendment.
Put the Second Amendment thing aside since despite all the rhetoric (by both the pro-gun and anti-gun folks), it's far from clear that either more guns or fewer would have many any difference in this case.  And Holmes, if it was he, apparently passed four separate background checks in recent weeks having bought his guns openly from licensed dealers.  

Anyway, pass on that.  Look at the rest.
  • Forgive.
  • Don't kill.
That's not after months or years of reflection.  It's not after a conversion.  Rather, for O'Farrill it was immediate and visceral.
  • Forgive.
  • Don't kill.
Notice that he didn't say not to hold accountable.  He didn't say don't punish.  Just
  • Forgive.
  • Don't kill.
Just that simple.  Hours after surgery.  Having been shot three times.
Pierce O'Farrill. A survivor.
Who forgives.


  1. There is another one who forgive: Robert K. Parker. Parker forgave the Sandy Hook gunman. The gunman blew his brains out. It is too late for the gunman to receive God's forgiveness as his fate is sealed and it is up to us to forgive him. Parker is a member the LDS church originally from Utah. Remember the heroes such as Jesse McCord Lewis.

  2. There is another one who forgive: David E. Lewis, a white man with a touch of Native American origin.

    1. In absolute terms, there are many, though we know of few. And, of course, those who do not choose to go public are fully entitled to their privacy.