Thursday, July 4, 2013

Maybe He Meant It - UPDATED

When Tim McGinty ran for prosecutor in Cuyahoga County, he said he'd take a different approach to the death penalty.  No more would they just charge capital cases right and left.  No more pursuing death just to use the charges as bargaining chips.  Care, consideration, what's really appropriate.  That's what he said.

There was a fair amount of eye-rolling.

But the numbers are down.  McGinty's office has, in fact, brought far fewer capital indictments than his predecessor.

And now there's this.

Billy Slagle is next up for execution here in the Buckeye State.  They've got it planned for August 7.  He was sentenced to die for the brutal murder of Marie Anne Pope in 1986.  For almost 30 years now, prosecutors in Cuyahoga County have pushed for his death.

And now there's this headline to an AP story:
Prosecutor: Inmate Shouldn't BE Executed.
Which is pretty much extraordinary.  And something for which McGinty deserves serious praise.

I don't have the letter.  But here's the press release.

   McGinty Press Release by jmgamso


And here's what McGinty sent to the Parole Board


  1. 30 years?!

    Good for McGinty. I probably should write to him via snail mail and tell him he's doing a good job. He probably doesn't hear that phrase very often.

  2. That's great to hear that McGinty is trying so hard to decrease the amount of death penalties.

  3. Well he's cut back on capital charges. It's not clear he'll cut back on capital trials.

    Still, the reduction in capital indictments is a good thing, as is what he's asking the Parole Board to do in Slagel's case. Though, again, how willing he'll prove to be at doing this in other cases remains to be seen.