Monday, December 23, 2013

Reward the Deserving - Nominations Now Open

See that badge on the right, the one that isn't for placing in the ABA's Blawg 100.  (OK, I have no badge for that because the ABA doesn't think what I do is worthy - which may be a terrific endorsement in itself, but they don't give badges that say "THE ABA THINKS YOUR BLOG IS A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT."  Anyway,

See that badge on the right.  The one that stands for Best Criminal Law Blawg Post of 2009.   That was the first year they gave the award.  "They," in this case, is Scott Greenfield, who you might think of as the dean of criminal defense blogging.  He cooked up the idea.  He solicits nominations.  And he decides on the winner.  And, frankly, it's something of an actual honor. Here's his call for nominations for this year's award.

Those nominations?  They come from you folks, from lawyers and hangers on.  From people who read and think about criminal defense blogs and care about this activity that involves talking seriously and engaging with the criminal law, with criminal procedure, with the Constitution, with all that sort of shit. As it exists in the real world.  As it affects real people.

Every year there are bunches of nominations from bunches of people because there's really good stuff out there.  Good writing and good thinking.  You won't agree with all of it, but that's because the people who do the good stuff, the real stuff, aren't afraid to say things.  Even if they're not popular. Even if they're not politically correct.  Even if they get sued for it.

Mark Bennett's won.  Gideon's won.  Matt Brown's won.  That's heady company.

But now, this year, the fifth year, as I write this, only 6 people have nominated any blog posts.  Only 10 posts have been nominated.  It's an embarrassment.

Forget those of us who've had our name up in lights.  Look at some of the other serious blawggers.  I've got a bunch listed on the right, under the heading "Blog Links."  Want some specific ideas?

Look at the Squawk. Look at Nathaniel Burney.  Look at Paul Kennedy. Look at Rick Horowitz. Look at Judge Kopf.  Look at the people who are Popehat.

Look at the folks in the rest of my links.  And in the links on their blawgs.  You'll be amazed at how much really good stuff is out there.

Then go over to Simple Justice and make your nominations.  This is how we encourage excellence, and how we reward it.    

Unless, of course, it seems that nobody gives a damn.  In which case this will be the end.

Which'd be a real shame.


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    1. It wasn't an insult to be left off the list I suggested looking at. Hell, most of the posts I nominated were from blogs I didn't name in this post.