Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To Help 'Em Be the Best They Can

Blawgs come and go with distressing speed.  Keeping one going requires, among other things, a certain amount of time.  That's especially true if the idea is actually to serve as a clearinghouse for developments in a particular field.  So I'm wary of putting too much hope in something promising just because it appears. 

But law professors, whatever else one might say about them, have the time and resources to do that. So I've got reason for optimism that David M. Siegel and Tigran Eldred, both on the faculty at New England Law will maintain The Continuing Duty, a blog and website that, well, here's how Siegel put it.  (The italics are his.)
This site is devoted to ensuring that lawyers constitutionally and ethically act as the very best lawyers they can be, before, during and after their representation has ended.
This is the Continuing Duty.
Damn right it is.

Siegel and Eldred have already got a ton of valuable stuff up there.  It's not just a news feed and it's not snark.  It's a resource.  If it's still going in another month or so, it goes on the blog roll or the resource list - maybe both.  In the meantime, check it out.

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