Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Motto: Tough But Incompetent

This seems to be the argument.

  • The buck stops here, so I take responsibility.
  • But it's everyone else who's supposed to tell me what to do.
  • And then I tell them to do it.
  • But they don't properly tell me what to do.
  • And I don't actually tell them to do it.
  • And I always say what I mean, but I often fail to say what I mean and in fact say something else.
  • So the buck stops here, but I'm not responsible.

Or something like that.

We know Sheriff Joe has admitted that he didn't do what the court ordered him to.  Yesterday he testified at his contempt hearing.
He told plaintiffs' attorney Stanley Young that he remembered hearing about the preliminary injunction when it was issued but said he didn't have knowledge of all the facts of the order.
"I delegated this court order to my subordinates and also to my counsel that represented me," he said.
Arpaio said he didn't recall if he ever did anything to ensure his office was complying with the order, saying he handed over the task to his former deputy chief, Brian Sands.
Hey, what more can you expect from the Toughest Sheriff in America™? John Wayne wouldn't ask questions. John Wayne would just say,
Do it, Pardner!
Same as Joe.

And if Pardner Sands doesn't do it? Shit, he explained that he delegated to his lackeys.
Earlier in the day, Sands also distanced himself in testimony from enforcement responsibility, telling his attorney that it was typically his subordinate's duty to implement training materials. Sands said he didn't know why the training module was never completed.
Whole fucking department is incompetent.  Ain't the fault of management, for god's sake.

And sure, his press releases have him saying things he didn't mean like he was going to keep going after immigrants when he meant illegal immigrants.  

But hey, he's the Toughest Sheriff in America™not some fucking pantywaist English professor.  And anyway, what's the difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants?*


Sheriff Joe, pressing the Law of Rule.
*He didn't really ask that question aloud.  But he knows the difference:  Immigrants come from places like Canada and Sweden and Germany.  Illegal immigrants come from Latin America.  

See how easy that is. 

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