Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hands in the Air or I'll Attach These Pieces of Paper

Gabriel Reveron, a deputy sheriff in Polk County, Florida, shot and killed Dominic Fuller.

Ho hum.  Shit happens.

Besides, Fuller was a bad guy. The Sheriff's office says so.  Stephanie Allen, in the Orlando Sentinel, reports.
Dominic Fuller, 34, of Haines City, was sitting in a stolen car outside a house on Delon Court in Auburndale, when deputies were called there on suspicion of illegal activity, according to the Sheriff's Office.
As deputies approached, Fuller ran, leading them on a chase through the neighborhood.
At one point, he broke into a camper, where a woman was sleeping and demanded she give him a ride, the Sheriff's Office said. The woman refused, so Fuller ran some more, trying to open vehicle and residential door handles on his way.
The Sheriff's Office said at least one witness reported hearing Fuller say he had a gun, others heard him say he was armed.
Oh, and he'd been arrested 17 times over the years. Yeah.  Trouble.

Deputies caught up to him at a residence.
Fuller stood in the home's doorway, with his right hand behind his back staring at deputies and refusing commands, according to the Sheriff's Office.
He tried to get out a window.  Then back to the doorway.  Where he brandished a shotgun pistol assault rifle bazooka.  And so Deputy Reveron shot five times.  When the metaphorical smoke cleared, the literal body of Dominic Fuller was dead.

Oh, I just noticed that I didn't say what it was that Fuller brandished; I just gave a list of a few things he didn't brandish.  It was one of these deadly babies.

Yep.  Dominic Fuller.  Brandishing a stapler.  Threatening the cops with office supplies.  Shot.  Killed.

As I said before, shit happens.  It happens often enough that I don't normally bother to write about it.  Why, this time, then, you may well ask. 

And I'll have to tell you that it's because of Sheriff Grady Judd, the big cheese of Polk County law enforcement. Sheriff Grady Judd who told the AP in a story picked up by the Times.

“We don’t choose to shoot people; people choose for us to shoot them,”


Dominic Fuller ran.  Then he hid.  Then he tried to flee again.  Cornered, he did the only thing he could.  

He armed himself with a deadly stapler.

No, wait, that's not it.  He chose to have Deputy Reveron shoot him.  And the good deputy obliged.  

I suppose that was the "serve" part of "serve and protect."

Of course, he does look a little shifty.

Dominic Fuller

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