Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Standing up in Phoenicia - II

Remember the scene in Spartacus where the Romans want to know which of the captured rebels is Spartacus and one-by-one they stand up and announce, "I'm Spartacus"? Remember when the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities demanded that people do more than admit their past, er, transgressions but also name others who might have somehow been tainted by having been within shouting distance of a commie.

The slaves Spartacus led in revolt, the ones who stood up, were cheered as heroic. They weren't claiming anonymity. They were taking responsibility. Just as those who named names before HUAC were sloughing it off.

Phoenix New Times makes clear
that the letter calling for next Monday's demonstration against Andy Thomas (and implicitly his overseer Joe) was called by "Jim Belanger, a Phoenix lawyer who specializes in working white-collar crime cases with the firm of Coppersmith, Schermer and Brockelman." Good for him.

And the comments indicate something about just what he's facing, and that he's got some serious support. Good for those Phoenicians - especially the couple of them with the courage to sign their comments with what appear to be real names.

Credit as due.

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